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Surround Sound is available as entertainment for all types of events worldwide including weddings, corporate events, or any other special occasion. Our group of talented musicians will provide your event with an unforgettable, nonstop, concert music experience.

The Best Party Band 
from Atlanta, GA!

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, this dynamic group of singers and musicians effortlessly performs the greatest hits from Motown to Classic Rock to today's chart-topping hits and everything in between. Surround Sound leaves audiences begging for more! 

With clientele spanning from California to the Carolinas to international destinations, Surround Sound’s commitment to providing excellent customer service, and a musical experience second to none leaves clients 100% satisfied. 

Surround Sound


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The Surround Sound Experience

Surround Sound is a group of very talented all stars! They made my wedding the most fun party EVER!! Everyone RAVED about them and couldn’t quit dancing all night long. Nobody ate any of the food because they were too busy dancing! We absolutely loved each and every one of them!

"...couldn't quit dancing all night long."


Bride, New Orleans, LA

The band kept everyone on the dance floor until the end and it was not an easy group. Well done! Love the choreography. Would definitely recommend using them again. Thanks so much!

"Surround Sound was amazing! "

Milda V.

Wedding Planner, Naples, FL

Surround Sound was an absolute pleasure to work with during the planning process, and kept guests on the dance floor and entertained the entire evening. They are one of the best bands to date that has been included in a Bruce Pittman Inc. Wedding. Flawless!

bruce pittman

Wedding Planner, Bruce Pittman Inc. Weddings, Nashville, TN 

"an absolute pleasure to work with"

When my husband and I started planning our wedding, the first priority was a fun band. We wanted everyone to be on the dance floor the entire time, and that's exactly what happened because Surround Sound was amazing! They really put on a show and created a party atmosphere that our guests will never forget. We still have people come up to us and tell us our wedding was the best wedding they have ever been to because of our amazing band. It was the best night of our lives. Thank you Surround Sound!


Bride, Birmingham, AL

"the best wedding they have ever been to..."

Surround Sound was truly incredible. They were the best wedding band that I have ever seen. Everyone loved them. They blew me away by totally nailing the song that I chose for the Father-Daughter dance. I would recommend them to anyone. The whole process with you and the band was seamless. I thank you.

Dan H.

Father of The Bride, Austin, TX

"...the best wedding band that I have ever seen"

Every person who attended the wedding that I see in town mention the “FANTASTIC “ band!! I have received hand written notes, and they all included a note about the “best band ever.” You guys rock!!!


Mother of the Bride, Winston-Salem, NC

"the best band ever."

They were very professional, very talented, high energy and entertained our guests from the first moment that they took the stage. Every aspect of the wedding experience was special and all that we wanted it to be. However, the comments that we received from ALL of our guests was about how great the members of Surround Sound performed. Truly the dance floor was full from the start to the finish, three hours later! The best!

bob j.

Father Of The Bride, Ft. Worth, TX

"very talented, high energy and entertained"

They are truly one of the absolute best bands I’ve ever booked. I’ve worked with them twice in six months. The clients have been thrilled and said it was the best wedding reception they’ve ever been to. I would highly recommend Surround Sound. Book them for your next event!

Heather Archdeacon-Williams

Owner, Defining Moments Weddings & Events, Rosemary Beach, FL

"the absolute best band I've ever booked"

I am pleased to report that not only did Surround Sound Band have a GREAT performance, but Zack was so so great to work with throughout the entire process and the whole team was a real pleasure the whole day and night. Which, as you can imagine as an event planner, makes my life SO much easier. We have been hearing great feedback from the chairs about the band, so thank you again!


Annual Fundraiser, Birmingham Museum of Art Gala, Birmingham, AL

"the absolute best band I've ever booked"

From the very beginning, Surround Sound was a joy to work with! We felt like they really took the time to get to know us as a couple and what we had envisioned for our big day. Picking out the music for one’s big day is one of the most thought intensive boxes to check. It simply didn’t feel like a challenge at all when we heard Surround Sound. They were professional. They were exciting. And good day, they got the people out of their seats! The rug wasn’t cut it was torn to pieces. We endorse Surround Sound without hesitation and all of our guests can’t stop talking about how much fun they had!


Devin, Bride, Charleston, SC

"a joy to work with!"

The band was fabulous! The guests had a wonderful time and everyone was on the dance floor the entire night. I hope we get to work together again!

Katie N.

Planner, Austin, TX  Clink Events, Austin, TX


Surround Sound was incredible! I can honestly say that not only were you a fantastic band, but also incredibly easy to work with! I hope to see you again in 2020 and thank you for helping to make the evening the success that it was!! We really appreciate you!! Abby and Matt had a fantastic time, I think that was evident!

Anne Bone

Owner, Planner, Anne Bone Events, Spartanburg, SC

"incredibly easy to work with!"

Sarah and I cannot thank you and your team enough for creating such an incredible dance party! Everything was perfect. You did not lie - you guys do not stop for a second! Sarah and I were told at least 20 different times that Surround Sound was the best band our guests have ever seen. Thank you for making the long trip to Lake Tahoe and giving us such an unforgettable experience. Thank you again!

Sarah & Craig

Bride & Groom, San Francisco, CA

"...the best band our guests have ever seen"

We are so grateful to Surround Sound for making our daughter’s wedding such an unforgettable night. Their range of music spans all genres which was evident when every single guest at the wedding ended up on the dance floor. I would highly recommend them for any occasion.

Becky Mitchener

Mother of the Bride, Charlotte, NC

"an unforgettable night"

Surround Sound KILLED it! I’ve never seen a band play for three straight hours with a packed dance floor! It was so unreal, and my clients were thrilled! Zack and the band were so friendly, professional, and were true entertainers! I can’t wait to work with them again! Thank you!

Meaghan Cody

Owner, Planner, Sweet Pea Events, Dallas, TX

" true entertainers! "

I cannot thank you enough for providing the best entertainment anyone could hope for during the recent National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) 2019 Annual Convention in Atlanta. Surround Sound really is top notch and simply the best! The band was absolutely perfect during the opening night's NASP 50th Anniversary Welcome Party! People started dancing the moment we opened the hall, and the dance floor was full all night long. Your group's vocalists and instrumentalists, stamina, and sound quality are very impressive! Having hired a substantial number of bands and solo entertainers over the many years of my career as a professional meeting planner, I honestly can say that you most definitely are among the very nicest, most responsive, and easiest to work with, from start to finish, whom I ever have had the pleasure of meeting. If you ever should need a reference, I'm your man.

Glenn M. Reighart

Director, Meetings and Conventions, National Association of School Psychologists; Bethesda, MD

"impressive sound quality"

Thank you guys for an awesome evening... everyone is still walking on air, and I must have had 10,000 questions about you guys and who you were/where you’re from, etc! So fun! Kansas City loves SS!

Sarah Radasky

Owner, Planner, Sarah Allen-Preston Designs Kansas City, KA

"everyone is still walking on air"

We couldn't have been happier with our decision to select Surround Sound to help us celebrate at our wedding. These are true professionals that know how to put on a show. They play all different types of genres. They keep the party flowing and feed off the energy of the crowd. They have prepared choreography and different outfits and they blew us away with their energy. We've had friends and family contacting us for the past three weeks just to pass along how much fun they had on our dance floor. If we had to plan our wedding weekend all over again, the first thing we would do is book Surround Sound.


 Groom, Atlantic Beach, NC

"they feed off the energy of the crowd"

They were outstanding! Everyone had so much fun and we have been getting complements on them like crazy. When we are running into people around town, they are still saying that y’all are the best band they’ve seen and it was the best wedding they’ve been to in years! Makes me smile from ear to ear!


Bride, New Orleans, LA

Smiling from ear to ear!

We just wanted to say a million "thank you's" to ya'll - seriously, the absolute best band ever! You kept the party going all night, guests were having the time of their lives dancing the night away. I think they could've danced for hours listening to your amazing music! Ya'll made our day so very special and a night to remember forever!

Catie and Marshall V. 

Bride & Groom, New York, NY

"...could've danced for hours"

Thank you Zack and Surround! Y'all were phenomenal! I bet we received over 100 texts the day after the wedding saying that it was the most fun wedding and The Best Band Ever! Actually they said...#bestbandever, and we totally agree! The vocals, wardrobe,  musicians...everything was spectacular! Our golf club, our guests and our entire family would put Surround Sound at the top of any list. Thank you for making our daughter's wedding spectacular by being The Best Band Ever!!

Linda and Elwyn B.

Parents of the Bride, Atlanta, GA

"...the most fun wedding!"

For the past five (5) years I have chaired the Banana Ball (the Chattanooga Zoo’s largest annual fundraiser). I have never heard more compliments on our selection of bands as I have with the performance of Surround Sound. Surround Sound was unbelievable! Certainly the best band we’ve had at the Banana Ball – and I assure you we’ve had some darn good ones.

Shortly after setting up, they wanted to do a quick sound check. I knew immediately that we were in for a great evening. And we were. Their song selection was great and they played their music extremely well! They are very engaging and interacting with the audience, as well. Surround Sound had our guests on their feet within seconds of the first note played. Most stayed on their feet until the last song was played. We’ve never had as many people at the end of the party as we did on Saturday night!  


Annual Fundraiser, Chattanooga Zoo, Chattanooga, TN

" selection was great"

OMG!!! They were amazing!! Everyone loved it from the 3 year olds to the elderly. People were dancing. Military was on the stage dancing. They made the event a success!! I would like to Thank You, Surround Sound for making the family day event a success. This was my first family day at this base and I was told this event was "Top Notch" and the band set it off with the first song!! Thank you!! Thank you!

Mikula L

Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Marietta, GA

Smiling from ear to ear!

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